Pie Day 

Staff Appreciation

March 14

Pi(e) Day is almost here!

Last year's Pi(e) Day was a rip roaring success! We are hopeful Pi(e) Day 2024 will be equally successful! 

We are providing brunch for our wonderful staff at Diamond!

Please sign up below to bring a savory or sweet pie for the staff to enjoy as brunch/lunch in the staff lounge.  

Every pie counts! We would like to gather 25 savory pies and 20 sweet pies. 

Sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040C4EA5AC2D6-47958599-pie#/ 

Ideas for savory pies: 

breakfast quiches, spaghetti pie, chicken pot pie, 

shepherd's pie, vegetable pie, etc...

Either store bought or homemade is wonderful.  

We can't do it without your help :)

Please drop off pies on Thursday, March 14 at school. If you need to drop off early, please reach out to Cora.  

Please email Cora Childs, Bridget Elliott, Yeli Barrera, or Jenny Costello at appreciation@despta.org with any questions.